Temporo-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)

Temporo-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) is a common condition that affects a wide variety of people. Our TMJ experts at Boston Center for Oral Health are experienced in treating the underlying cause of TMJ and greatly improving the quality of life for those who suffer from it.
What are the signs and symptoms of TMJ?
TMJ is characterized by a variety of symptoms including: 
- Severe headaches 
- Jaw pain of varying degrees
- Grinding teeth
- Intermittent ringing in the ears


What are the Reasons for Treating TMJ?

1 in 12 People Suffer from TMJ Pain in America. Are you one of them?

Symptoms Worsen

TMJ sufferers report that their symptoms generally worsen during periods of prolonged or unexpected stress and that intense outbreaks of the condition can lead to neck pain and dizziness.

BCOH Benefits for Treating TMJ 

How we treat TMJ:

1- We make a custom-made bite guard to stop teeth grinding during the night. 
2- We Provide muscle relaxant
3- We change the shape of the teeth and get rid of the bad bite completely, often called “realignment.” 


Medical and dental treatment options for TMJ include: positional device therapy, closed lock reduction, trigger point therapy, moist heat therapy, and surgery.

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Our Commitment to Our Patients

The symptoms of TMJ are debilitating and can greatly interfere with everyday life. Our team of dentists at Boston Center for Oral Health is able to test, diagnose and devise an immediate plan to treat the underlying causes of the TMJ disorder.

Our Patient Testimonials

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What Our Patients Are Saying

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Went in for TMJ issues and they were super helpful. They explained every step of the process and moved very quickly to get everything figured out!

Taylor Whiwell

This is a tremendous dental practice. It has stat-of-the-art equipment and procedures for cleanings and more involved procedures. Dr. Morreale is an excellent dentist, who is very knowledgeable and very concerned with practicing dentistry without pain. My hygienist, Laura, is also exceptional performing my cleanings.

Edward Gordon

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Morreale and the staff at Boston Center for Oral Health. I had TMJ, they have literally changed my life.

Sarah Cahn

I have, and will continue to recommend people to Dr. Morreale, Pat and the team at BCOH. The care is great, and for anyone with worries about going to the dentist during the pandemic, this office had nothing to worry about before the craziness. It's one of the cleanest offices you'll encounter. And for anyone fearing the concept of a dentist, they'll absolutely change your mind!

Nancy Liberman


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